About the Artist




About the Artist

Artist Statement
There are 2 types of artists described as either visual or haptic. The visual artist follows a plan and uses a learned technique and tends to be representational in style. The haptic artist is kinesthetic and expresses emotionally. I am a visual artist.

Art should inspire emotion - memories, dreams, desires, love. Painting is a continuous process, always learning, always improving; a painting can never really be completed. Impasto is often favored leading to another dimension in expression on canvas or panel, begging to be touched. In realism or impressionism, capturing nature's perfect colour and design will always be the greatest challenge.

Artist Bio
Born in the United States and educated in California universities (undergraduate and graduate degrees). Living and traveling throughout the U.S. and foreign places from Asia to Europe has given me a special opportunity to appreciate a variety of cultural arts. The echoes of cultural experiences have a strong influence on my canvases. For decades, studying in the studios of life, art is but an expression of life.

Member, Oil Painters of America
Pensacola Museum of Art
Santa Rosa Arts & Culture Foundation
Dragonfly Gallery, Milton, FL USA
AllPosters.com, Art.com, Imagekind.com, ArtistRising.com

Selected Exhibitions
2003 Chipiona, Espana
2004 to present ongoing exhibit at Dragonfly Gallery, Milton, FL
2006 ARTEL Gallery, Pensacola, FL
2007 Winter's End, Dragonfly Gallery Milton, FL
2008, 2010, 2011 Pensacola Museum of Art, Pensacola, FL
2008 ARTEL Gallery, Pensacola, FL