Landscape Gallery

  • Landscape: Last Leaf Falling
    Silhouetted by a full moon, the last leaf falls from this struggling tree which later fell. Emblematic of life. Oil on canvas painting 16 X 20 inches. Prints available.
  • Landscape: Shadows in the Sahara
    Travelling deep into the Sahara Desert, this caravan of camels casts long shadows in the endless sand dunes in the late afternoon sun. Sitting on a camel for long periods of time is a rather unpleasant experience making this scene special to me. Oil on canvas on panel, 24 X 18 inches. Original painting: $3200. Prints available.
  • Landscape: Her Kingdom and Her Horse
    Inspired by a castle in Scotland, a young woman stands with her horse in front of her castle. The red flowers in the foreground rise above the canvas approximately 1/4 inch. Oil on canvas, 36 X 24 inches. Prints available.
  • Landscape: Trees in Winter
    A minimal approach. Tress done in impasto style. Colorful background done with a palette knife. 14 x 11 inches. Original sold.
  • Landscape: Monastery in Andalucia
    Monastery ruins located in southern Spain near the Portugal border. Painting, oil on canvas, 30 X 21 inches. Prints available.
  • Landscape: Pumpkin Harvest
    Looking south toward Half Moon Bay, pumpkins harvested from a field fill a wagon. Painting, oil on panel, 16 X 16 inches.
  • Landscape: Sunflowers of Costa Ballena
    Moorish ruins stand in southern Spain amongst the seasonal sunflowers in Andalucia on a hilltop overlooking Costa Ballena near Chipiona. The ancient ruins rise above the Atlantic Ocean and are surrounded by vineyards. Frequently passing these ruins, harvest after harvest, I studied the scene for years. Not long after finishing the painting, a gate and a No Trespassing sign were posted by the land owner. Oil painting on canvas, 28 X 20 inches. Prints available.
  • Landscape: Trees on a Hilltop
    This scene is the last gasp of nature because on the other side of this hill, the view turns to an urban lansdscape of asphalt and buildings. Oil on canvas painting 16 X 12 inches. Prints available.
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