About the Artist





The following are original bronze sculptures that I have created.

Escape from Evil. In Greek mythology, the winged horse, Pegasus, was the son of Poseidon, the ruler of the seas. Athena (Goddess of Heroic Endeavor) tamed Pegasus and eventually Pegasus became the horse of the nine Muses who represent the arts. In this piece, a Muse is riding Pegasus behind Poseidon while holding Evil (represented by a serpent) abbey with her left hand. I casted Pegasus in November 2008 and completed the piece by casting the serpent in March 2009. Size: 10 in X 10 in X 9 in tall. Original bronze sculpture, $2200.

Phryne. Alexander the Great ruled the world (India to the Iberian Peninsula) from 336 to 321 BC. He took down the walls that protected Thebes in 336. During this time, a woman renowned for her beauty lived in Athens. Her name was Phryne. She made fortunes as a courtesan and offered to rebuild the walls around Thebes with her own money as long as a sign that read "Destroyed by Alexander the Great. Rebuilt by Phryne." would be posted. The city council refused. In her disappointment, she comitted a crime when she cursed the gods. Phryne was taken to court where she exposed her beauty by removing her robes. She was found innocent...such beauty could only be associated with the gods. Jean-Leon Gerome depicted this scene in his 1861 painting, Phryne Devant L'Aereopegus, which was shown at the Paris Salon that same year. Except for the foot placement, this sculpture echoes Gerome's court scene. Phryne was reborn as the molten metal slid from the crucible into the mold as a full moon was rising in March 2009. Original bronze sculpture, 18 inches (45 cm) tall, $2250.

Park Bench Series. In this series of 12 park bench scenes, I explored the relationship of space and size to create tensions between the forms to illustrate our human story. The bronze series captures the human emotion observed on a park bench through the years. The original piece, The Argument, was inspired by my drawing, Seasons of our Lives, depicting a man and a woman on a bench upset with each other. This was followed by The Proposal, then Star Gazing, then The Pregnancy, followed by Infant in Arms. I expect to finish the series this year. and will post the entire series when it's done.