Small Town America Gallery

  • Small Town America: Saint Mary's
    There are many churches in small towns of every denomination. This church immediately caught my eye - the red doors surrounded by the white background. It's called Saint Mary's Episcopal Church. This painting was done in early summer with the morning sun casting beautiful shadows giving depth in every angle. I spent a lot of time in front of this church and was afraid people would either call the police or ask me to join their congregation - neither happened. The architect loaded the building with symbolism - no shortage of crosses for Christianity, a quatrefoil (symbol for the four Evalegists) under the peak of the roof, and recently I learned the red doors are symbolic for Christ's blood. Original painting is oil on canvas, 16 X 20 inches, $500. Prints available.
  • Small Town America: Station 23
    This is a traditional fire station in northwest Florida. The scene was captured during the early evening of mid-summer when the sun brought the trucks out of the shadows. It had been raining for days and just for fun, I painted the reflection of the fire station from the street. The crew liked it - dark clouds were added to fit the scene. Original painting is oil on canvas 32 X 20 inches, $650. Prints available.
  • Small Town America: Red Shed Under Yellow Sky
    While searching for a traditional small town barber shop, I came across this old tractor resting in the shade of this large shed (or is it a small barn?) with trees in the distance. The original painting is oil on canvas, 20 x 16 inches, $350. Prints available.
  • Small Town America: Liberty Cafe
    This building was recently restored to a cafe with outdoor sidewalk tables. The scene was painted in early summer with morning shadows. As I stood across the street making notes and correcting colors, sometimes the traffic would stop inadvertently obstructing my view. When the drivers realized they were between me and the cafe, they would back up if they could. They were either being polite or didn't want to be part of the scene. Original painting is oil on canvas, 16 X 20 inches, $500. Prints available.
  • Small Town America: Saturday Night at the Yellow Diner
    Along the main streets of nearly every town in the southern U.S., the familiar yellow Waffle House sign stands tall as part of the urban landscape. The oppressive heat and humidity of late summer invited me to paint this night. Original painting is oil on canvas 20 X 16 inches, $500. Prints available.
  • Small Town America: Farmers Market
    No community is complete without a farmers market where fresh fruits and vegetables are available. This scene was painted after the hot summer sun changed to the pleasant temperatures in October when the market could put their goods outside on the display tables without cooking the produce. The original painting is oil on canvas 24 x 18 inches, $600. Prints available.
  • Small Town America: Post Office
    This building hasn't been used as a post office for 20 years. It was built in the 1930's as a WPA project. Crowning the former post office is a glass tower and weather vane that has survived many tropical storms andhurricanes, but finally bent in Hurricane Ivan. Oil on canvas 16 X 20 inches (Original Sold). Prints available.
  • Small Town America: Toy Store
    This brick building located in what has become the "historic district" in a small town in northwest Florida was refurbished to accomodate a toy store. The brick construction gives a unique textural depth and design to give the building character. This scene was captured in the morning hours when the shadows enhanced the design and the building across the street is reflected in the store front windows. Oil on canvas 20 X 16 in, $500. Prints available.
  • Small Town America: Red Barn Under Red Sky
    Lighting to expose the thick graphic brush strokes to substitute for details done in expressive red tones and completed essentially Alla Prima (except for canvas preparation using thick gesso for the silo which rises about a quarter inch above the canvas surface). Oil on canvas, 16 x 20 inches. Sold.
  • Small Town America: Fly Navy Water Tower
    Every small town has their signature water tower. Every small town exists to support some sort of enterprise. Looking around for a signature water tower that might represent the small town I live in, I chose the rusting blue and white striped tower at a local Naval Air Station called Whiting Field. Like rabbits on a path, employees and student aviators crowd the roads twice daily and fill the skies with orange and white aircraft in between. If this 2007 painting were done today, the tower colors would be red and white. Oil on canvas 16 X 30 inches. Middle part of a triptyc. Prints available.
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