Waterscape Series

  • Waterscapes: BFF
    Best Friends Forever. Needs no explanation. Painting, oil on canvas 12 X 16 inches. Prints available.
  • Waterscapes: Boys Fishing on Pond Creek
    Capturing a whimsical Summer scene of 2 youths in the late afternoon fishing on a dock captured in bright haronizing colors and vibrant brushwork. Oil on 18 x 24 inch canvas, 2009.
  • Waterscapes: Pegasus and a Muse
    Pegasus is the son of Poseidon. After Pegasus was tamed, he became the horse of the 9 daughters of Zeus known as the Muses who inspire the arts and creativity. This painting was inspired, in part, by Caravaggio's 1600 painting, "The Conversion on the Way to Damascus" and Ruben's "Perseus and Adromeda." The remainder of the scene was captured along a remote creek in Maui, Hawaii. Painting, oil on canvas, 30 X 24 inches. $900. Prints available.
  • Waterscapes: Mother and Child at the Beach
    Toddler pulling on boat rope as mother watches with a boat sailing into the orange sunset. Painting is oil on canvas, 24 x 12 inches. Original $350. Prints available.
  • Waterscapes: Harvest Moon on Pond Creek
    Captured early in the morning as the Harvest Moon descended toward the horizon. Aging man represented by the irregular shapes of the Cypress tree beneath the lunar disc contrasted by the smooth shapes of the woman sitting on the dock silhouetted by the moonlight. The dappled moonlight was created by using a sea sponge aginst the phthalo blue night sky and in the water's reflection. There are hints of violet hues in the trees (not captured in the photo). Painting, oil on canvas, 24 X 30 inches.
  • Waterscapes: Boat on an Ebb Tide
    This painting was inspired by visits to Tavira, Portugal. The buildings were changed and the bridge over the water was modified from a modern architctural style to a more traditional style bridge. Boats in Portugal are colorfully painted; this one sits on her keel at low tide. Click HERE for scene location. Painting, oil on canvas, 20 X 16 inches. Prints available.
  • Waterscapes: Dream Cafe
    Edgar Allen Poe: Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night. Peaceful scene from the porch of the Dream Cafe with distant waterfall across the bay. The schooner sits at anchor while a woman watches the sailor rowing toward the dock. Watercolor and pen on paper, 12 X 10 inches. Prints available.
  • Waterscapes: End of September
    Mother and child enjoying the final days of summer at the beach. A lone sailboat travels across the horizon. Waves breaking on shore rise 1 cm. above the canvas surface. Beaches all over the world have the same scene - children struggling to escape their parent's control to play in the surf and sand. Painting, oil on canvas, 32 X 14 inches. Prints are available.
  • Waterscapes: Restless
    Sailing toward landfall with a lighthouse in the distance on a boat named "Restless." The waves are heavy impasto created with palette knives. Painting, oil on canvas, 16 X 20 inches. Prints available.
  • Waterscapes: Heading Home
    Boat sailing from the mouth of the Guadalquivir River toward the Chipiona lighthouse on the Costa de la Luz of Spain. According to Plato, this is the area that the legend of Atlantis sunk into the Atlantic Ocean after an earthquake. This is the same area that Christopher Columbus spent time in before his voyages to the New World. The scene was painted with a palette knife. Click HERE for scene location. Painting, oil on canvas, 20 X 16 inches. Prints available.
  • Waterscapes: Maidens Adrift
    Nymphs watching a whale play near their drifting boat. Oil on canvas painting 30 X 20 inches. Prints available.
  • Waterscapes: Shore Birds
    Woman alone on beach holding umbrella with two typical shore birds nearby. Painting, oil on canvas 32 X 14 inches. Prints available.
  • Waterscapes: Sun Rising in Fog
    Peaceful scene on a river with fog obscuring distant hills at early sunrise near Cadiz, Andaucia, Spain. Hours before sunrise, I drove through very thick fog, blindly walked down railroad tracks avoiding a moving train and country dogs barking as I passed nearby farms. It was Winter and I was chilled to the bone. I attempted to capture the essence of the rising sun reflected in the lazy winding river while the fog gently lifted on a really cold morning. Click HERE for painting location. Painting, oil on canvas, 24 X 30 inches. Prints available.
  • Waterscapes: Turtle Cove
    Tranquil seasonal setting of a home reflected in the quiet waters of Turtle Cove. The turtles hibernate in the Winter months and are replaced with pelicans, herons, and egrets fishing at low tides. Painting, oil on canvas, 20 X 24 inches. Prints available.
  • Waterscapes: Underwater Stripes
    Clearly inspired by van Gogh's, Starry Night painting. The scene depicts a woman snorkeling with striped fish matching her swim suit. The ocean bottom was dusted with fine sand in the final glaze. Painting, oil on canvas 24 X 30 inches. Original $1200 (Sold) Prints available.
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